CRM Upgrades: Overview! (4.3.2017)



Hello Everyone! Over the weekend we have rolled out  some super exciting enhancements inside your CRM. These free upgrades are already LIVE inside your account, and you can start utilizing the benefits of the features today!

The new features include: the ability to create custom fields and opportunities for your records, as well as distinguish businesses inside your account. In addition to those upgrades, you now have a Contact record that will become your core contact record moving forward, this record has credit repair attributes already enabled and ready to go! These core contact records will allow you provide multiple products & services to one record, eliminating the need to create multiple records for the same contact.

We have kept all of the legacy quick views and features inside your CRM, so that you can still utilize those as desired. Please note: the new core contact records are not compatible with some legacy features. For example, autoresponders, are a legacy feature, so you will need to configure all contact record automations utilizing our robust workflow module, which allows you to create email and SMS automated communication all-in-one. However, Quick Emails, Quick SMS, and Manual Emails are compatible with the new core contact records, as well as legacy.

We are continuing to enhance the new Contacts with additional features and functionalities. We will keep you posted, as these upgrades occur.  Remember, the legacy features will remain available inside your CRM, as you are not required to use the new core contact records. However, if you would like to take full advantage of the new core contacts, and would like assistance migrating your legacy autoresponders to the robust workflow module, please email:

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