Import Credit Report


Use this Import Credit Report ONLY for the INITIAL import of credit report items. After the initial import you will need to update the dispute results by following the instructions in this video:Enter Dispute Letter Results

*If you are using Privacy Guard use the instructions below: 

Step 1: Log into your customers Privacy Guard account

Step 2: Click on Credit Center

Step 3: Click on Reports (Click here to see your credit report)

Step 4: Top Right corner choose View Full Report

Step 5: Click anywhere on the report then hit the Ctrl + S buttons to save the report

Step 6: File Name (ex: PG_CustomerName)

Step 7: Save as Type: Webpage, Complete (*.htm;*html)

 ** NOTE **

Two files will appear on your Desktop or Document, 1 will be as a HTML Document and the other as a File Folder.

Step 8: Log into DisputeSuite locate your customer.

Step 9: Click on the Import Credit Report

Customer:  Autofills

File: Click Browse and locate the File folder (NOT the HTML link) and Double click and a New folder with files inside will appear. Choose the File titled “ReportView” and click open

File Type: Privacy Guard

Step 10: Click Next

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