Processing Status Directions


Your company has 4 options when selecting a Processing Status.  It is the Processing Status that is the primary file communication tool that determines the flow of a customer record.

Your 4 options are : Active, Issue Resolved (Active), Hold and Completed.

Active - triggers the file to be submitted to processing (record type MUST be Customer)

Issue Resolved (Active) - Re-activates a file and alerts the Processing Dept. that the file is now ready to be processed.  This processing status is to be used AFTER existing Current Issue has been resolved by yout company.

Hold - To be used for files you would like us to hold off on processing ( eg. failed payment etc.)  Once you are ready for processing to resume work YOU will need to set the file to Issue Resolved (Active).

Completed - To be used for remove your clients from the DS Processing program.

If our processing team has any issues or questions about the file they will update the Processing Status to Current Issue.

Current Issue - an email will be sent from Processing regarding the issue(s) we are having.  Please note that the email will be sent to the User who is designated in the Assigned To field on the File Info Tab within the customer file.  If there is not a User assigned in this field you will NOT receive the email notification.

  • If a Round 1 file has a status of Current Issue our team will not proceed without your company providing the needed information AND then updating the Processing Status to Issue Resolved (Active).
  • If it’s a Round 2 file (or higher) the processing team will wait 5 business days for the requested information to be added to the file.  If at the end of the 5 days there is no additional information added by your company our team will update and re-dispute with the existing data in the file. NOTE - if your company needs more time to update please update the Processing Status to HOLD.
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