Weekly Webinar: Advanced Credit Course (11/12/2014)


Be sure to check out this week's DisputeSuite Weekly Webinar, as Rob Ellerman and George Wisniewski tell you how to take your business from a hectic, stressful job into a business that works for YOU. 

Anything you need to run your credit repair business more efficiently, and to train your team without headaches is all in the Advanced Credit Course.  

Just think about having the answers to your clients’ questions at your fingertips, the compliance issues in easy-to-use checklists, sending out a letter that you created in minutes rather than hours (and after days of research) and getting the results you want for your clients, so that they want to give you money and recommend your services.

And imagine experiencing the certainty and consistency most business owners DREAM of.  Because you have the checklists, templates, letters, resources, and answers…when and where you need them, all available only in the Advanced Credit Course.

Advanced Credit Course

"Sales going down ... HELP!" - Marketing Tips


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