Account Condition

Indicates the present state of the account, but does not indicate the payment history of the account that led to the current state. (i.e. open, paid, charge off, repossession, settled, foreclosed, etc).

Account number

The unique number assigned by a creditor to identify your account with them. Experian removes several digits of each account number on the credit report as a fraud prevention measure.

Accounts in Good Standing

Credit items that have a positive status and should reflect favorably on your creditworthiness.


Percentage of the debt that is to be repaid to the credit grantors in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Also Known As

Annual fee

Credit card issuers often (but not always) require you to pay a special charge once a year for the use of their service, usually between $15 and $55.

Annual percentage rate (APR)

A measure of how much interest credit will cost you, expressed as an annual percentage.

Authorized User

Person permitted by a credit cardholder to charge goods and services on the cardholder’s account but who is not responsible for repayment of the debt. The account displays on the credit reports of the cardholder as well as the authorized user. If you wish to have your name permanently removed as an authorized user on an account, you will need to notify the credit grantor.

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