Recent Balance

The most recent balance owed on an account as reported by the creditor.

Recent Payment

The most recent amount paid on an account as reported by the creditor.


This means that a lien has been satisfied in full.

Report Number

A number that uniquely identifies each personal Experian credit report. This number displays on your personal credit report and should always be referenced when you contact us.

Reported Since

On the credit report, the date the creditor started reporting the account to Experian.


A creditor’s taking possession of property pledged as collateral on a loan contract on which a borrower has fallen significantly behind in payments.

Request an Investigation

If you believe that information on your report is inaccurate, we will ask the sources of the information to check their records at no cost to you. Incorrect information will be corrected; information that cannot be verified will be deleted. Experian cannot remove accurate information. An investigation may take up to 30 days. When it is complete, we'll send you the results.

Request for Your Credit History

When a credit grantor, direct marketer or potential employer makes a request for information from a consumer’s credit report, an inquiry is shown on the report. Grantors only see credit inquiries generated by other grantors as a result of an application of some kind, while consumers see all listed inquiries including prescreened and direct marketing offers, as well as employment inquiries. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit grantors with a permissible purpose may inquire about your credit information prior to your consent. This section also includes the date of the inquiry and how long the inquiry will remain on your report.


Indicates who is responsible for an account; can be single, joint, co-signer, etc.

Revolving Account

Credit automatically available up to a predetermined maximum limit so long as a customer makes regular payments.

Risk Scoring Models

A numerical determination of a consumer’s creditworthiness. Tool used by credit grantors to predict future payment behavior of a consumer.

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