Processing FAQ


Q: Can a husband and wife share the same customer record?

A: No, each customer MUST have their own record with their own SEPARATE ID

Q: Why did I get charged 400 points?

A: Your monitoring was not working at the time the record was ready to be processed.
However, you will receive an email notifying you of the issue and you will be given 5 days from receipt of the email to fix the monitoring issue to have us verify this has been corrected and the additional 100 points charged will be issued back to your account


Q: What will happen if I can only provide a credit report for one bureau?

A: The processor will only dispute that one bureau for you unless you leave a processing instruction to “populate across all three bureaus”

Q: How can I communicate special processing instructions to the processing

A: Please leave all your instructions, special request, or anything you would like the processor to know in the processing tab and/or create a note titled “processing
instructions." For immediate assistance, email:

Q: Before setting the customer record to an active processing status what are the

A: Optional Id documents (social security card, license, proof of address) and monitoring site with proper login information, If your customer does not have monitoring then please make sure there is an UPDATED credit report in the attachments section.

Q: What if I don’t have a complete credit report or results?

A: Please leave our team a processing instruction to proceed with the information

Q: Do I have to attach a credit report in the attachments section if there is an active

A: No you do not have to do that. Save yourself the time and let our team do it for

Q: How does the processing department get the addresses for the DTC letters?

A: They take the addresses directly from the credit report


Q: How do I send the processing department files after I take them off HOLD or
correct the “current issue”?

A: Set the processing status to “ issue resolved (active)”


Q: What if I have an urgent request or issue about a customer record?

A: Please utilize our support center and send over an email to with your issues or concerns with the title Processing.


Q: Do I fill out the customer details section?

A: Yes fill it out COMPLETELY please *especially a current address*


Q: What are the processing departments hours of operation?

A: Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm


Q: How many points will I be charged for a DTC letter?

A: 150 points


Q:When do I check an attachment as yes when uploading items?

A: ONLY when updating ID documents you would like us to send the bureaus.


Q: What are acceptable ID documents?

A:  Drivers license, state ID cards, social security cards, military IDs, utility bills, bankstatements, W2s, passport, voided checks, car registration….

*Please do not upload a credit card or personal check not voided into the customer record*

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