Communicating with Processing


Communicating with Processing

Communication with processing is to be done through the support
center and in the customer notes section of your customer record.

Send your processing requests, questions and issues to;

Title all of your notes for processing as; Processing Instructions. Leave detailed and
specific instructions in the content box of your note.

(You may also leave notes in the processing notes box located in the processing tab)


Dispute Standard Procedure of Operation(SOP): Processing will dispute all
negative accounts, collections and public records only. If you want items
disputed in addition to the S.O.P. then you must leave a processing
instruction in your customers record by specifying which items you want

Ex: Dispute all Inquiries, personal information and previous employers.

Do Not Dispute: ____________________________
Ex: Do Not Dispute Verizon 1234XXXX.

Send DTC to(Direct to Creditor):_____________________
EX:Send DTC to Verizon 1234XXXX.(You must specify)(150 points per address)
EX: Send DTC to all accounts.

Request: MidRound
(Complete Update on the customer record with no letters sent; 150 points)

When marking up your own credit reports, processing prefers the
comments ‘dispute’ and ‘do not dispute’ to be noted directly on the
credit report to ensure maximum accuracy.

Processing Statuses:
● ACTIVE: Ensures your customer record will be processed with in 24-48 hours of

● Records placed on HOLD, Current Issue and/or customer records that need early
processing and other requests should be set to Issue Resolved(Active).

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